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McDuJo Enterprises is a family-owned organization that consists of ministers, writers, producers of gospel music, publishers, authors, artists based in Southern California.  Their mission is to reach people around the world through the creative gifts God has given them.






Anjee is one of the founding members of Mcdujo Enterprises, which is comprised of music production, event planning, and book publishing.  She is also a gospel recording artist for Mcdujo with credits such as "Know God", "Stand Up", and "Be Yourself", all of which are published and available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and other media.

In addition to Mcdujo Enterprises, Anjee is one of the creators of the "Rise & Shine" annual event, sponsored by Seed of Faith ministries San Bernardino, CA. (SOFSBCA).  SOFSBCA is designed to motivate and edify the body of Christ. As part of SOFSBCA, she serves as a mentor, teacher, and speaker. Anjee recently received a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Next Dimension University.

Anjee is married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren, and she strives to be a positive role model for them in today’s negative society.  She is a standing member of the United Way Big Sisters, American Business Women’s Association, and the Red Cross volunteers of America.

Anjee sings for your edification – whether leading praise and worship or singing a solo, her voice lifts the spirits and souls of her listeners.



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Patricia McQueen

Dr. McQueen, the founder of Seed of Faith Ministries, was officially ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 2014, by Bishop Leon Martin, Senior Pastor of Love, Peace, and Happiness Church in Downey, California; however, she has been working in ministry for more than 30 years.  Furthermore, Dr. McQueen has been an educator for over 20 years, working with at-risk and low educational achievers. Her greatest passion has been to motivate them to want to learn, teach them how to learn, and to help them move into the mainstream of American education, so they can become responsible and productive members of our society. In the past year, Dr. McQueen published a book entitled: "The impact of Slavery" on African American Students.  This book is a riveting account of the history of the education of African Americans. It is a fact-based and thought-provoking account of where we’ve been, and where we are now as a nation! In addition, Dr. McQueen has completed a soon-to-be-released book entitled Discipleship on the Move. 

This is a curriculum manual for teaching discipleship.

Dr. McQueen earned a Master’s degree in Education from California State University, Pomona, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Next Dimension University in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Dr. McQueen is also a mother, grandmother, producer of Gospel music, and entrepreneur.  Some may know Dr. McQueen as a recording artist, “The Word Singer” with several Gospel CDs to God’s credit.



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